Thursday, July 26, 2012

flight of stairs

today i am actually getting around to some 'pins' on pinterest...
because our daily routine...which thankfully we have one now...looks a lot like up and down the stairs x10...crawl into along all the walls, open all the kitchen drawers and cabinets, try to sneak into the fireplace while mom is not looking. oh and splash with our little hands in the dog's water bowl and other pots and pans. so in other words we are having lots of fun! but i do feel like the following

and i feel like this...or at least this reminds me of cooper

completed "pins"
so for breakfast...

one apple, half an orange, spinach, orange juice, ice, greek yogurt

cooking for dinner...
italian crock pot chicken [easy]
1lb chicken breast, pack of hidden valley ranch dry dressing, can of cream of chicken soup, and pack of sour cream or cream cheese..we choose sour cream because that is what our fridge offered. slow cook for 4-6 hours. new one so ill let you know how it turns out.

created my own font...
out of my handwriting that ill use in my word/adobe easy and fun! this is it below..ktype
making these for the pup babies...
due to my recent OCD they are not allowed on the bed (working on this with cooper) or any sofa (working on this with mika) so i figure they deserve their own little area. ill show you the finished product soon.

my new summer/fall color on the toes is... 
essie "no more film"

family binder...completed..and it is big and green
after getting married, moving three times in almost five years, buying a house, selling a house, having a baby, countless certifications ect. we have a few important documents that need a special home [not haphazardly thrown into a plastic filing bin]

i feel so much better knowing EVERYthing is accounted for and organized. except for my missing passport. that i need to find. now

on the horizon...feeling motivated to finish some projects and spaces in the next few weeks.

first up is the nursery. i have an accent wall that has been painted [teal], but then it was left at that..ok extreme exhaustion and baby being born got in the way..haha. not the plan. so a custom stencil is going up soon...along with some handmade art.

second. we sold the vintage sofa and chair set. i was sad to see it go. i had dreams full of grey linen and charcoal day. but going into that room [office] made me think it needs some love. so painting here i come [navy to be exact] also allowing mr. b to buy some crazy big bank like vault to store our armory in. spying a peacock chair sold here locally for the space as well.. so i hope to return with an updated space radiating masculinity built on layers of texture and deep hues.

third. in a short month and a half we will be remodeling our kitchen! which means i have some major decisions to make. this is what we are leaning towards...already have this lighting over island (pendant on the right)

we have no backsplash [adding one] but we have white cabinetry that is in good shape. our pink [yes pink..the owner who built this house had a love affair with red..i am certain] counter tops will be replaced with granite or quartz [hesitant to do this for resale value..some peeps just don't get it]...that is where we are stuck. issue is do we move the cooktop to the island and install a double oven? or leave our current slide-in? or replace with a freestanding [that has a double oven]...all this confusion because 1. the dishwasher is about to die 2. we need to decide before the counter top is cut.

well whatever we decide we hope it feels like this

*see the beautiful quartz counter tops. yes i do too

we also will be ordering these beauties for the 1/2 bath [which is painted a sexy black high gloss]..and i am pretty sure ill pack them in my suitcase when we sell the house [down a long road from now]

fourth...designing my little brother and niece's future condo/house. many many ideas. budget friendly ideas. on the cheap but with great quality and design. can't wait to share. but here is a preview of a few ideas.

driftwood lamp. find wood. buy lamp kit. done. already have shades

sheet music art. favorite song...his pink floyd number. frame already have.
coffee table...will be experimenting with some gas pipe remnants and mdf board.
grey sofa...donated by my parents. same shape as below

niece's room. colorful bright. like she is. awesome. funky chic to be exact. something similar to below because her favorite color is really "green" but also the rainbow.

paint color...use somewhere or on something..if this paint color could be renamed it would be michael t...or squeeze..or 444 whatever those boys are saying these days.

dining table will definitely be an eclectic mix just like the one below. thinking mdf [again] painted white with automotive paint. craigslist chairs. done

 graphic door. yes please

focal art or headboard?

although i would like to get started on these project right away...i have to wait. which brings me to a new motto of mine. and a print that will be hung by my bed

not to leave little man are a few things i'm also working on! Dinosaur hoodie, and gak 

and for the front door...but with fall colors and flowers

custom letters found here..or you can trace and cut our own out of 1/4 inch mdf [mr.b job]

so yes crazy reality i will be lucky to complete these by hud's first birthday! [what!]

what a great idea..

bye for now...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

baba baba...seems to be my brain these days!

Quick Hello!

well the mr. b is off playing a round of golf, and the baby is down for an afternoon nap. the house is pretty put together and clean. all my projects require loud tools and the mr. so i am here able to talk to yall and enjoy some me time.

when the baby wakes up and the mr. returns home [hopefully in a i played good mood] we are han.....ok baby woke up...see how this goes. to be continued

alright...opened a new toy that has him occupied for a short while. look at the bed head! he has his dad's hair which means we will have to put a sock toboggan on him in the morning [or after any nap] to make it lay down.

lil man has really been keeping us busy by pulling up, talking and yelling, and army crawling everywhere [fast]...but this is a fun fun stage and we are really soaking it up.

between all my time with lil man and projects...i have just started a part time job! i am the coordinator/pr for a new company set to launch this i have been busy planning/working...more details to come but i am very excited and happy about this opportunity!

as for the house i am working on a post to introduce the wall units that we built, but i had been waiting on the framer to finish our center artwork! well today they arrived..yay! so the post will come soon. now off to hang these bad boys, and work on the shelf staging. 

***i ask all of y' especially if you will please pray for a young girl named Landon. I do not personally know her, but she is loved by so many in this community and needs as much prayer as she can get right now. She was involved in a head on crash on memorial day, and is literally fighting for her life as i type. I can't imagine the pain her family is going through, and I know they need strength and prayer from everyone. She is at Vanderbilt hospital so please also keep her caretakers and doctors in your thoughts as well. As of last report she is not doing well at all, but everyone is not giving up hope for a miracle. Thank you!***


Monday, May 28, 2012

back where i come from

i win the award for the most absents! sorry friends. i'm back. i don't promise daily posts but i do promise more frequent glimpses into our happenings. so much has happened that it has been a bit overwhelming to excuse for putting this off. so ill do a quick catch up this post will be random and scattered... in reverse order of happenings...

1. we took two weeks off to travel to lexington and tennessee. the trip went very fast and was packed with all sorts of activities. we visited family and friends. adam had eye surgery! not lasik but prk yay no more contacts. we completely cleaned/flipped our rental home. ate at our favorite restaurants. traveled down to east tennessee for a weekend cabin trip with grandmommy, poppi, cousin sophie, and uncle michael.

shewwww. by the time we got back yesterday we were exhausted! i spent most of today unpacking/reorganizing and cleaning up after our fur babies*

*the main reason for my new case of OCD concerning dog hair in my house is lil man is on the move! yes he is crawling ..we also spent a little time baby proofing today considering hudson tends to gravitate towards cords and such. speaking of lil hud he has hit quite a few firsts since we last chatted. he now has two teeth! eats some table food...can say momma [but has no idea that is me..but who cares! he says it!], da, baba...holds his own bottle...and loves checking his 'equipment' at every diaper change.

2. before we left for two weeks i had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for our good friends kelly and shane. i had so much fun planning and celebrating baby myla...update/photos on this event to come.

3. we completed the den...well except for the artwork that will be here this week so soon there will be a complete post update!!! sneak peak :: quickly staged with baby toys of course ;) sorry iphone photo

but the latest ::

big news...our first home [which turned into a rental once we moved away for school] is now under contract! it will be sad handing over the key to our first home, and no longer having a tie to that neighborhood but will be a relief to not worry about finding new tenants [ours just moved out after three years..excited for their new adventure] or having two mortgages [which means ill be able to do more projects and post about them]. this is one big reason i have been gone...prepping for the remodel...lots and lots of cleaning...lots! thanks to our amazing family [cody and melissa] and friends [jessica and brandon] we just could not have done it without yall.

here she is. she was great to us and i hope this new family will enjoy her.

we are leaving behind 'our' red maple tree that we planted shortly after we started dating, and the rock that we "borrowed" from uk's campus..not sure if i am really going to leave that. i learned my skills of borrowing rocks from my mimi and popo [their yard scape is amazing..and the stories behind the rocks too] so it is sort of sentimental.

besides working hard to get her move in ready...we had a lot of fun in our old city. lexington we miss you but will see you again soon. ill do a trip recap in a day or so because we had a great time! here are some highlights in the mean time.

driving to lexington...start them early right? actually hudson is obsessed with steering wheels and computer keyboards

farmer's market fans with aunt melissa

dinner with friends and family

 thursday night live

tennessee trip [splash country] to visit grandmommy and poppi

splash pool on gigi and pops deck for memorial day...which reminds me when life gets so busy and consuming how thankful and blessed we truly are. i appreciate, respect, and i am constantly thankful for my freedom and the family and friends of the armed services past and present who fought for it. missing popo & grandpa a bit extra today. i finish typing this adam and gigi just announced that hudson pulled up on the sofa. yay for progress..oh no for momma!

chat soon is good to be back

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

good naps = blog posts

where to start? about with our new parent trick. see turns out our little golden sleeper has realized life and events are happening while he is dreaming sweet. so in attempt to not miss out he fights like crazy till he just can't open his eyes anymore. bedtime is not really a problem  [except we have picked up our 3am feeding...errr] but naps. nada. i need him to nap! so our new trick last resort is the golf cart. works like a charm. we will be cruising around the neighborhood and all of a sudden he is out. here is proof. promised a little late. the bench is complete! i can't claim this design as my own is from the mastermind  morgan of the brick house. introducing the fence bench.

started with 8' treated 4x4's

mr. b cut them down to size...swoon...cause saws scare me [long story but it involves me almost being impaled]

lots of sanding. the hubby frowned on me cutting our fence down at our rental house in lexington so i started with new posts..and wanted to add some character. fast. 

then some fine sanding for splinters in baby cooper

then slowly staining...and adding three coats of polyurethane to seal the bench [not pictured because i was tending to the baby...we used metal straps to attach the posts together and then fastened the bases on with wood screws. done and done

 so here she is :) i love her. 

now we are finally working on the shelf plan [ok on fb..and mr. b is snoozing haha] but we will be shortly interrupted by a baby that will want to play. i am now left with some open slots on my "to do list"

the list:
  1. shelves project... new solution to this post
  2. build bench - DONE
  3. cut down rug/buy new rug - DONE [ill post about this later]
  4. frame artwork - DONE
  5. restore tables - DONE

so now i am deciding what new projects to put on the list..this is tentative.

the list:
  1. shelves project
  2. sea turtle art
  3. recover/paint chair
  4. sew pillows
  5. console alteration

sticking with minor projects because we have a really busy end of april/ beginning of may. vacation. birthdays. getting rental ready to sell. surgery. vacation. watching ponies. seeing best-friends. celebrating a baby...wheew

on another note. i want to say i am so thankful today that my brother in law, cody, who i love so much escaped a very scary incident. he was a passenger on this plane eeeek. thank you god for everyone's safety. and he said they were not just taxing..they were accelerating during the actual take off.

*hudson is about to hit the 3 hour mark for his afternoon nap! this hasn't happened in over 4 weeks..i should have taken a nap, but i chose to spend it with yall. amazing productivity happening here. maybe ill be able to blog more.

Monday, April 2, 2012

go big blue!

this past weekend was one of those that you hope doesn't end..or at least slows down. there wasn't anything really special going on...just had the whole weekend to do what we wanted and the weather was perfect. so we started by running that 5k. ouch. ouch. but i did alright...esp. for not training and pushing hud plus that stroller. i did run/walk but mostly ran..surprisingly. either way it got us moving bright and early saturday morning.

me and hud pre-race

the family post-race..hudson fell asleep after the first mile, but really enjoyed the whole experience..i guess as much as a 5month old could.

the rest of the day was spent relaxing...and then cheering for the CATS at our good friend's house which was entertaining because he is a big vols fan and promised to cheer for uk! sunday was once of my favorite mornings [that we have had in a while] mainly because it reminded me of being at my mimi + popo's house. hudson and i slept in till 9:45am, and i woke up to the smell of fresh hot coffee. mr. b, hudson, and i [ok..not really hudson] enjoyed coffee on our veranda with a perfect breeze and hint of summer. later that day we ate out and ventured to the mall. big mistake. i have been trying really hard, unsuccessfully now, to not shop for clothes that i don't need so i can get some of the bigger projects done around the house. well, i am sorry but all of the bright vibrant colors sucked me in. everything from dresses, jeans, tees, and underarmor workout gear [can i do pilates and yoga in running shorts?seriously there was a pair that about convinced me to become a runner]...i am glad that i really don't like the paducah mall. i imagine our pocketbook would have been in a world of hurt had i been in memphis, lexington, or nashville. the gap is the main store i go to at this mall. i did alright and managed to walk away with these..all at the gap

today, i met a former student for coffee. it was fun catching up and hearing about her success in the field and in life. i am so proud of her! here is melissa with hudson. he was smitten

then after a short trip to see dad and work deliver lunch we headed to lowes to buy the rest of the supplies for the said bench project i had promised yall. i swear it is getting done this week. i am really excited about it. but it will have to wait today/tonight because we are focused on the championship game! go UK!

talk soon friends